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ASTM D1241: Standard Specification for Materials for Soil

This specification covers the quality and grading of the following materials for use in the construction of subbase, base, and surface courses: sand-clay mixtures; gravel; stone or slag screenings; sand; crusher-run coarse aggregate consisting of gravel, crushed stone, or slag combined with soil mortar; or any combination of these materials.


Transportation Short Course 4 Table 1 Aggregate Quality Requirements Property Test Method Requirement Coarse Aggregate SAC Tex-499-A (AQMP) As shown on the plans Deleterious material, %, Max Tex-217-F, Part I Decantation, %, Max Tex-217-F, Part II Micro-Deval abrasion, % Tex-461-A Note 1 Los Angeles abrasion, %, Max Tex-410-A 35


Base course of Dry Lean Fly ash concrete (cement binder) designed for zero slump can be an alternative. Dry lean fly ash concrete replacing 50 % sand (by wt) in conventional mix by equal absolute volume of fly ash ( 1 Cement : Sand : n Fly ash : 10 Aggregates, n = ratio of sp. Gravity of ash / sp. Gravity of


Coarse aggregate composed of 80% siliceous aggregates as determined by at least -609, shall be LS tested in a salt scaling test according to LS-412 together with either the fine aggregate that the coarse aggregate is intended to be used with, or a fine aggregate from the same geographic area as the coarse aggregate.

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alternative or substantial material for concreting. In this project control concrete is casted for M 40 grade and the partial replacement of concrete materials were decided to reuse industrial waste such as copper slag as fine aggregate replacement in range of 20%, 40%, 60% by weight of sand and the ceramic waste tiles as coarse aggregate

22 Spec - 301 Base, Subbase, and Subgrade Aggregate

Materials General (1) Provide coarse aggregates from a department-approved source as specified under Definitions (1) Interpret these terms, used throughout 300, as follows: Aggregate A composite mixture of hard, durable mineral materials that have been mechanically processed.


28/09/2022 · In this research, the physical and mechanical properties of river stone as coarse aggregate for concrete production was investigated. This will provide alternative construction materials to the society especially in areas where there is unavailability of good crushed aggregates. Physical and mechanical tests was conducted on samples of river stone which

Performance of Palm Kernel Shells as a Partial replacement

coarse aggregate even as mineral fillers by virtue of the distribution. Proportions of materials retained on mm sieve were weighed and used for the mixes. This was done to avoid altering the properties of the other components of the mix. The effect here is that palm kernel shells will replace mostly the coarse aggregate between range 5 and

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alternative or substantial material for concreting. In this project control concrete is casted for M 40 grade and the partial replacement of concrete materials were decided to reuse industrial waste such as copper slag as fine aggregate replacement in range of 20%, 40%, 60% by weight of sand and the ceramic waste tiles as coarse aggregate replacement in 10%, 20%, 30% by

Use of coconut shell as partly substitution of coarse

25/09/2022 · The waste coconut shell may be utilized to replace natural coarse aggregate. In present study, compressive strength of concrete of M - 20 grades has studied by replacing natural coarse aggregates at 0%, 5%, 10%, 20% and 30%, by weight with coconut shell. Compressive strength of coconut shell concrete has been evaluated on 7, 14, 21 and 28 days.

Recycled Plastics as Coarse Aggregate for Structural

Coarse aggregate, plastic aggregate, partial replacement, volumetric substitution, grade substitution. I. INTRODUCTION: Concrete is the most widely used man made construction material in the world and its second only to water as the most utilized substance in the planet. Seeking aggregates for concrete and to dispose of the waste from various

Utilization of fine recycled concrete aggregate and

Utilization of fine recycled concrete aggregate and alternative testing for controlled low-strength materialsWhile the use of the coarse fraction of recycled concrete has become commonplace, the fine fraction is largely regarded as a waste material with few outlets for its the recycled fine concrete aggregate did not indicate


practicable. Fine aggregate passing the No. 4 sieve shall consist of fines from the coarse aggregate crushing operation. If necessary, fine aggregate may be added to produce the correct gradation. The fine aggregate shall be produced by crushing stone and gravel that meet the coarse aggregate requirements for wear and soundness.


construction materials, many agricultural waste materials are already used in concrete as alternative replacements for cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and reinforcing materials. This paper provides an overview for the successful implementations of different agricultural waste materials to produce green

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03/03/2022 · This situation has led to the search for new applications for these wastes, and their use as aggregates in concrete is an interesting alternative. In this paper, some characteristics of recycled coarse aggregates obtained by crushing waste ready-mix concrete, as well as the mechanical and durability properties of recycled concretes made by


NEW COARSE TABULAR AGGREGATES FOR IMPROVED CASTABLE S Dale P. Zacherl*, Almatis Inc. Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, USA Marion Schnabel, Andreas Buhr, Dagmar Schmidtmeier, Almatis Frankfurt/Ludwigshafen, Germany Xinyu Liu, Almatis Qingdao Ltd, Qingdao, PR China INTRODUCTION The use of coarse aggregates with particle size above

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Palm kernel shells were added at 10, 20, 30, 50 and 70% by weight of total coarse aggregate still maintaining the percentages so that the palm kernel acts as a replacement for the coarse aggregate and mixtures gotten. Five samples were prepared for

Notes to the specification for basecourse aggregate TNZ M/4

materials have resulted in poor performance, alternative specifications may well be in order. For assurance with such variants two prerequisites are required: (i) compensating properties or loadings, (ii) demonstrated (or inferable) performance, and (iii) obtain approval to use an alternative material from Transit New Zealand's


LS-625 Guidelines for Sampling of Aggregate Materials . LS-629 Uncompacted Void Content of Fine Aggregate LS-703/704 Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index of Soils . ASTM International . D 4791-10 Standard Method of Test for Flat Particles, Elongated Particles, or Flat and Elongated Particles in Coarse Aggregate . D 5821-01(2022) Standard Method of Test for

Literature Review on Different Waste Materials Use in Concrete

use these eco-friendly materials in partial replacement of cement. Kumar and Krishna Rao B[3] They have investigated the effect of strength of concrete with partial replacement of cement with quarry dust and Metakaolin. They have stated that concrete is a composite material made from cement, water, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate.

Aggregate Tests for Hot-Mix Asphalt

Coarse Aggregate • ASTM D5821 Determining the Percentage of Fractured Particles in Coarse Aggregate Figure 1 summarizes current state practices to control coarse aggregate particle shape and surface texture. All states surveyed have a minimum fractured face/ crushed particle requirement for coarse aggregate. Thirty eight

Pelletized Cut Rubber: An Alternative Coarse Aggregate for

31/03/2022 · DOI: / Corpus ID: 14757178; Pelletized Cut Rubber: An Alternative Coarse Aggregate for Concrete Mixture @article{Ganiron2014PelletizedCR, title={Pelletized Cut Rubber: An Alternative Coarse Aggregate for Concrete Mixture}, author={Tomas Jr Ganiron}, journal={International journal of advanced science and

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The vacuum-drying method using the CoreDry device was promising, but it was not able to completely dry highly absorptive materials such as BF slag coarse aggregate and recycled concrete. The results of Experiment 4 showed that testing the aggregate in its in-situ moisture condition was a better alternative to the standard oven-drying method.

Enhancement of properties of recycled coarse aggregate

Due to rapid construction, necessity for raw materials of concrete, especially coarse aggregate, tends to increase the danger of early exhaustion of the natural resources. An alternative source of raw materials would perhaps delay the advent of this early exhaustion. Recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) plays a great role as an alternative raw material that can replace the

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Rock and Aggregate Materials for Item 601. General. A. Soundness. When the major portion of the unsound material in a coarse aggregate acquires a mud-like condition when tested for soundness, ensure that the maximum loss for all uses is 5 percent. B. Stockpiles.


Gravel. Gravel shall be composed entirely of particles that have no more than one fractured face. Coarse Aggregate for Portland Cement Concrete. Concrete aggregate shall be composed of gravel, crushed rock, or a blended mixture. All concrete aggregate

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