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Quality control leads to successful blasting results

08/05/2022 · Quality control is the most important factor in conducting blasting at an opencast mine, says environmental, opencast and civil drilling and blasting company DynaD director Chris Bester. He states

Application of noise mapping in an Indian opencast mine

Application of noise mapping in an Indian opencast mine for effective noise management Veena Manwar1,All the unit operation in surface mining,, drilling, blasting, excavation and loading,noise sources simultaneously in a random

Development and Application of Blast Casting Technique in

Blast casting is a high-efficiency technique applied in surface mines for overburden removal and results in stripping cost savings. According to ballistic theory and center-of-mass frame basic movement principles, key factors influencing blast casting effect were analyzed, which include bench height and mining panel width, inclined angle of blast holes, explosive unit

Risk Assessment Plan

In any mining operations, whether opencast and/or underground, work safety is taken care of by the Mines Act, the Coal Mines Regulation, 1957 and Rules framed there under. The risk to general public in the present case may arise from the following: i) Failure of dumps created by stones dug from incline cutting.

Blast plan preparation, including mining operations - guide

In mining, most blasts are conducted in a way that is substantially the same for each application. For example, in any given blast in underground development, the same drilling pattern and load factors would be used each time a face of that particular size and type is fired. Consequently, there is repeated use of what is essentially the same

Optimization of blasting design parameters on open- IJSTR

Abstract: In hard rock mining, blasting is the most productive excavation technique applied to fragment insitu rock to the required size for efficientlayout of a blast pattern, the author follows a particular method according to Sharma,,2022 and small Blasting

Prediction of Blast Induced Air Overpressure in Opencast Mine

A generalized equation has been proposed by many researchers but due to its site specific constants, it cannot be used in other geo-mining conditions. In the present paper, an attempt has been made to predict the air blast using a neural network (NN) by incorporating the maximum charge per delay and distance between blast face to monitoring point.

Blasting In Open Cast Mines Mining -

13/12/2022· Drilling and blasting are the major unit operations in opencast mining. Inspite of the best efforts to introduce mechanization in the opencast mines, blasting continue to dominate the production. Therefore to cut down the cost of production optimal fragmentation from properly designed blasting pattern has to be achieved.

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Optimisation of blast patterns in Dragline and Shovel-dumper benches for enhanced production and productivity in large opencast coal mines. Optimisation of blast fragmentation in any sort of bench geometry in opencast mines. Techno-economic assessment of drilling and blasting parameters in opencast mines.

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Prediction of Blast-Induced Flyrock in Opencast Mines

28/03/2022 · The aim of present study is prediction of blast-induced flyrock distance in opencast limestone mines using artificial intelligence techniques such as artificial neural network (ANN) and adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). Blast design and geotechnical variables such as linear charge concentration, burden, stemming length, specific charge,

Safety and health in opencast mines

01/01/1991 · Download: Safety and health in opencast mines. pdf - . This code applies to any situation or operation involving occupational safety and health aspects in opencast mines, and calls for attention to be paid to them by the competent authorities with responsibility for safety and health and working conditions with regard to opencast mining.

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The blast patterns used in blasting the coal are smaller with smaller diameter holes generally being used. Hole diameters for coal blasting may range from 127 - 254 mm (5 - 10 inch). Often, a separate dedicated drill rig is used for coal to have four separate blast events to mine the coal from a single throw blast block.

Noise Pollution and Its Control in Mining

Noise, which is originated by airblast, causes discomfort and gives rise to complaints from those living close to the mines. In Indian context, as the opencast mines are closely situated near the human habitations, the 'noise' from blasting has become a social issue of greater concern. Factors resulting into an air-blast and noise are: 1.

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A guide to assessing the health and wellbeing impacts of opencast mining . Opencast coal mining process and method Opencast mining a method of mining introduced in 1942 to maintain coal supplies du ring the Second World War is a quarrying method that is viable where a coal seam is relatively near the land surface or where a pit can expose a number of seams

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Planning an opencast mine is an exercise in economics, constrained by geologic and mining engineering aspects. Planning must account for environmental protection, including initial exploration and reclamation. Drilling. The blast pattern drill hole location and spacing depend on the type of mined rock and overall mine plan. The depth of the

Blasting In Opencast Iron Ore Mines -

Blasting Pattern In Opencast Mining. opencast iron ore mining manufaktura krlewska. blasting pattern in opencast iron mines. basic design of opencast iron ore mining schroder-stoffennl wanderer mining this is an easy mining technique but isnt used greatly because of the risk of getting lost start by making a staircase down until you reach the level where the


The article summarizes scientific and industrial research of blast fragmentation patterns in different mining and geological conditions. Particle size distribution in a bulk is one of the most important parameters for ore mining as it significantly

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opencast blasting Blasting practices in underground minesvis-à-vis blasting, as the cost of opencast mining goingThe blast pattern and hole geometry and direction Of angle of in-hole delay cut pattern is shown in and the charge details are given in Thble 3.

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Use of vital safety itmes in mines. (PDF format) DGMS (Tech) (S&T) Circular no. 2 of 2022: Accident due to failure of slope in opencast coal mines. DGMS (Tech) (S&T) Circular no. 3 of 2022: Dealing of fire in opencast coal mines. DGMS(Tech) Circular no. 4 of 2022

Flyrock danger zone demarcation in opencast mines: a risk

21/05/2022 · Flyrock, a rock fragment thrown to an excessive distance, is a random event and an ongoing problem in opencast bench blasting. Existing criteria for a 'Flyrock Danger Zone' are rigid, such that blasting may not be permitted where there are structures within about 100 m. A statistical approach to the problem is proposed and new concepts of Factor of Safety, Threat

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explosives used in opencast metal mining in india. Explosives Used In Opencast Metal Mining In India It is the main ingredient in the manufacture of commercial explosives used in mining and construction In India, The Ammonium Nitrate Rules, 2022, under The Explosives Act, 1884, define ammonium nitrate as the compound with formula NH4NO3 including any mixture or compound

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iv) Blast Pattern/Shape : Experience has shown that blasts designed on a face length to width ratio in the range of 3 to 4 produces minimum fly rock. In most of our opencast mines as the face length available is limited; it may be useful to restrict to

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08/10/2022 · Blasting parameters should be matched with mechanical machines for drilling of blast holes and charging of explosives. Blast holes are drilled in well-defined patterns, which consist of several parallel rows. In bench blasting, the normal blast hole patterns are square, rectangular, and staggered, Figure 13. The most effective pattern is the

blasting techniques in noamundi iron mines

blasting methods in iron ore mines in india – – Mobile Cone . Australian Mining provides the latest technical information about equipment, techniques, ZYM Crusher,blasting pattern in opencast iron mines,iron ore blasting pattern method NM-Read More

Opencast Mining (Quarrying): Methods, Advantages

Opencast mining is also known as open-put mining, open-cut mining, surface mining and also as strip mining, the later term being commonly used in the for opencast mining of coal. The overburden and the mineral, coal, are excavated in long strips of a few metres thickness and hence the operations are termed strip mining.

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