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Dynamic Isolation Systems (DIS) is the leader in the Seismic Isolation of bridges and buildings. More than 250 buildings and bridges are protected from earthquakes by DIS seismic isolators. Isolation bearings, seismic isolators, isolation in india, isolation, base isolation,seismic isolation,dynamic isolation systems,dis,konrad eriksen,bridge retrofit,historic building

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Isolation of superstructure from the foundation is known as base isolation. It is the most powerful method for passive structural vibration control techniques.; When building isolates from the ground it causes lesser seismic loads, hence lesser damage to the structure and minimum repair of the super–structure.; The main demerit of this method is, it cannot be applied to


Soil-cement is a highly compacted mixture of soil/aggregate, cement, and water. It is widely used as a low-cost pavement base for roads, residential streets, parking areas, airports, shoulders, and materials-handling and storage areas. Its advantages of great strength and durability combine with low first cost to make it the outstanding value


All machine foundations, irrespective of the size and type of machine, should be regarded as engineering problems and their designs should be based on sound engineering practices. Dynamic loads from the machines causing vibrations must be duly accounted for to provide a solution, which is technically sound and economical.


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Foundation Contractors, Cement Coatings is a family-owned and operated company providing expert waterproofing and damp proofing solutions. Our foundation contractors have been serving the Greater OttawResidential House Foundation, Business Foundation, Isolated Foundation, Foundation Expansion, Foundation Downhill

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Professional, Cement-Based Waterproofing Membrane Mapelastic 315 is a trowel-applied, flexible, fiber-mesh-reinforced waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane for installation under ceramic tile or stone on indoor/outdoor residential, commercial and industrial intermittent wet or submerged 315 provides an excellent barrier to prevent water from

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 · Concrete refers to a type of material primarily made up, of course, granular filler within the cement. The material is designed to firmly hold together the particles inside, binding the structure together very strongly. Because of this, concrete makes a fantastic material to create whole structures, beginning with the concrete slab foundation.

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Solution may be combined with other components such as skylights, solid fuel burners, separate garages, proprietary foundation systems, specifically engineered structural options, or alternative design solutions. In any of these circumstances, users will need to prepare additional consent documentation building consent authority (BCA) to consider.

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Over time, the soil around the foundation settles. You can build it back with a shovel and dirt. One cubic yard of a water-shedding clay-loam mix from a landscape supply house costs around $30 (plus delivery) and is enough for a 2-foot-wide, 3-inch-deep layer along 57 feet of foundation. 4. Reshape the Landscape

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Pile foundations are capable of taking higher loads than spread footings. There are two fundamental types of pile foundations (based on structural behaviour), each of which works in its own way. End Bearing Piles In end bearing piles, the bottom end of the pile rests on a layer of especially strong soil or rock.


ON THE USE OF META-FOUNDATIONS FOR SEISMIC ISOLATION: A PRACTICAL APPLICATION FOR CONVENTIONAL BUILDINGS P. Martakis 1, V. Dertimanis 1, E. Chatzi 1 1 ETH Zurich Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5, 8093, Zurich, Switzerland e-mail: fmartakis,,[email protected] Keywords: Seismic isolation, Metamaterials,

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100 Clemson Research Blvd., Anderson, SC 29625 Phone: 864-646-8453 Fax: 864-646-2821

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Mapelastic AquaDefense dries after about 30 to 50 minutes and is then ready to receive any MAPEI polymer or epoxy mortar. Mapelastic AquaDefense can be flood-tested after 12 hours of drying time, is IAPMO-listed for use as a shower-pan liner, and exceeds ANSI and ANSI standards. Go to solutions using Mapelastic AquaDefense.

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Product Description: Two-component system for construction of elastic hidroisolation on cement foundations. It is used for hidroisolation of the structures subjected to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, pools, settling tanks, treatment

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 · Cracks in underground rock masses cause gas leakage, seepage, and water inflow. To realize calcium carbonate deposition and mineralization filling in rock cracks, microencapsulated bacterial spores were prepared by an oil phase separation method. To optimize the microorganism growth conditions, the effects of microcapsules with various pHs,

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 · Mill Tailings. Ore or mineral milling or concentration can be performed by a number of methods, such as gravity concentration, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation, flotation, and leaching. The object, in each case, is to separate the metal from the less valuable matrix rock, or gangue.

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Halliburton CleanWell Solutions — filtration services, wellbore cleanup fluids, mechanical wellbore cleaning tools, and optimized software modeling — effectively clean your well, preparing it for completion, while prolonging the life of the well for maximized productivity. Collect solid contaminates remaining in vertical or deviated

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 · Besides recycling through cement co-processing, alternative technologies like mechanical recycling, solvolysis and pyrolysis are being developed, ultimately providing the industry with additional solutions for end of life.

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 · Best Methods For Insulating Basement Walls. I've written several articles on insulating basement walls and evolved some of my methods over time. Basements provide for a very challenging insulation problem. Basements are a challenge because of high moisture levels and cooler temperatures.

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 · Choose the type of foundation to build. The type of foundation depends on the area of the foundation will be located on and the type of structure that will be placed on it. Shallow foundations are built on level ground and hard surfaces. Shallow foundations are no more than 3 feet ( m) ( cm) deep and are used primarily for smaller, simpler projects

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 · In addition, clay bricks often destroy valuable topsoil. We need affordable, locally made, low tech eco bricks for the masses. Here is a list of leading eco-friendly green bricks. Hempcrete bricks: An environmentally friendly alternative to concrete, 'hempcrete' is made of hemp, lime and water. The material is eco-friendly and carbon

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As often seen in Ball Mills, Schenck Process solutions form part of the extraction process, to maximize recovery rates to the highest possible level. After the concentrate is recovered, copper then goes through many other stages, as such Smelting – which are other areas we can help with.

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Pile foundations are used in the following situations: When there is a layer of weak soil at the surface. This layer cannot support the weight of the building, so the loads of the building have to bypass this layer and be transferred to the layer of stronger soil or

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of such embedment. Other steel elements of the foundation system, including the column base plate and the sizing of anchor diameters are equally proficient to evaluation using LRFD or ASD load methods. In cases such as anchors sub-jected to neither tension nor shear, the anchorage develop-ment requirement may be a relatively insignificant factor.

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Install 3/4-inch pressure-treated sleepers, which are long, evenly-spaced planks of wood to which the sub-floor will be nailed. Glue the sleepers down with board adhesive, and use masonry nails to attach them to the concrete below the insulation. Finally, install a sub-floor of 3/4- or 5/8-inch exterior-grade plywood or OSB panels, nailing

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